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With Scopiq's end-to-end retainer services, take your first step towards business milestones, confidently!


Scopiq is well-resourced to go to great lengths in fulfilling the needs and demands of the clients. We strongly believe that the core of the success of a website is not just about handling it as a commercial project but much more than that. For us, it is a lifelong commitment irrespective of the type or the scope of the website.

Website Retainer Services

Attracting the audience for your business/products/services with a website that is as dry as dust for years together could be exhausting! Likewise, a shoddily maintained website will damage your ranking and business reputation beyond repair.

No thanks to your run-of-the-mill website! Now, what can be done differently to protect your brand reputation crisis?

Content updates to go with the up to the minute trends, timely security updates, and extending seamless user experience with the power of contemporary technologies could do wonders for your website. It creates a huge impact on your overall online presence. Besides, delegating your website design, development, and maintenance activities to Scopiq, you will enjoy the much-needed extra time to focus on other areas where you can develop your business even further.

Through our retainer services/website maintenance packages, we take responsibility for

  • Maintenance of website
  • Offering technical support and bug fixes
  • Optimizations and enhancements of the website
  • Updates of plug-ins and other tools fundamental to the website’s functionality
  • Content updates on demand
  • Formatting updates vital for marketing-oriented web campaigns
  • Uptime monitoring and speed confirmation
  • Reporting on website speed, security, and performance
  • Offering recommendations based on their online performance

Graphic Design Retainer Services

Design is not just about how your website looks but it is more about the kind of immaculate experience it presents the audience. Scopiq offers graphic design services that guarantee

  • To make you efficiently conspicuous
  • To be distinctive
  • To be highlighted &
  • To be a class above your competitors

By choosing Scopiq's exclusive graphic design retainer services, we join hands with you and work on an on-demand basis to create ground-breaking, new-fangled and pioneering designs at any time as your business demands. We offer premier graphic design retainer services that will help you look pro and help you with all your design needs in progress. Some of our graphic design retainer services include

  • Banner design
  • Blog post graphics
  • Social media graphics (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.)
  • Web UI design
  • Email template design
  • Brochure design
  • Corporate profile design
  • Business presentation design
  • Logo design
  • Business card design
  • Print media layout design
  • PowerPoint design
  • Newsletter design

SEO Retainer Services

Investment on SEO could be a game-changer for your business as only with the most appropriate SEO strategy, your business can pose a dynamical competitive advantage among your challengers. Scopiq has the right mix of experience and expertise in formulating broadened SEO approaches to improve website ranking of businesses.

Our SEO retainer services are absolutely flexible with search engine algorithm updates and comprehensively monogrammed to match the demands of businesses, irrespective of their sizes. With our SEO retainer services, you will be able to maintain your brand status online and ameliorate your competitive grade.

Some of our SEO retainer services include

  • Optimization strategy
  • On-page metrics
  • Google analytics
  • Existing website assessment
  • Geo-targeting
  • Existing pages improvement
  • Blogs publishing
  • Press release
  • Articles
  • Whitepapers
  • Infographics
  • Ad campaigns
  • FAQs
  • Generating backlinks
  • Technical optimizations
  • Social media engagement
  • Referral traffic
  • Increasing content visibility
  • Optimizing keyword targets
  • Updating your site with fresh products or services

Through our progressive SEO retainer services, we typically guarantee of clients with the following

  • Better ranking
  • Better traffic and
  • Better conversion

Advantages of Scopiq's Retainer Services


Clients can avail a package of services through a single-window system


For clients, the cost of hiring someone in-house could be big-budget while comparing to the ongoing retainer model with us


With a thorough understanding of your brand and business, there is no wasting of time in getting to know you from the scratch, meaning, your work will be completed in record time, every time!

Accuracy Guaranteed

Knowing your business inside out, your tasks could be completed with a greater degree of accuracy

High Priority

By signing a retainer service agreement, you will be placed on our priority clients list and your project will be given first preference at all times

Quick Response

Swift technical support on telephone, email, and skype